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Marketing Funnels - Part 3 Conversion

Wednesday 13th of February 2019

Matt Southam

If you have been following my funnels blog series you will now understand that you first of all need to have the right message and make it reach the right people and then nurture and educate those potential customers to get them to a stage where they are ready to buy from you.

So once someone knows about you and your product meets their needs you may be under the impression your job is done but in fact, moving someone from considering you to conversion is where many businesses fall short.

Make it easy to purchase

This may sound obvious but how many times have you given up halfway through a purchase? This could be in a shop where the queue was too long so you put the product back and walked out or you will filling out that online order form and the website was being slow?
I would guess I am not the only person this has happened too.

You need to remove anything which causes friction within a purchase. Make it easy to buy. Think about how the customer wants to buy, not how you want to sell.

You have done lots of work getting them to say "yes" but yes doesn't always convert to a yes!

This could also be as simple as the types of payment you take. A great example of this is we have added stripe payment to our invoices with a direct link in the invoice. Of course, I would prefer everyone paid by bank transfer as there are no fees but when I send deposit invoices for a piece of work the fact someone can click a link and pay by card speeds the process up and saves me having to chase. It makes it easy for someone to pay and work with us.

Support early on

Have you ever downloaded a free trial for a bit of software but then not really used it? I have.
And the reason for this is that I couldn't work out how to use it straight away or something else came up. Look at where I am in the funnel. I have said yes and downloaded the software but as I haven't been supported I have reverted to a no. What if I had received an email or phone call thanking me for downloading the software and offering me a walkthrough so I could learn how to use it. If the products were good I probably would have then paid for them but I had already given up.

This is the same with many products. Support at the early stages creates a loyal customer. Ever heard of someone saying "yes" to a free trial at a Gym but then not actually going more than once for the induction?
You may think you converted them but you didn't.


Think about your actual sales process and remove anything that slows down or cancels a purchase and even once someone has said yes keep supporting them as then you will be able to move them to the end of the funnel - the repetition and review stage.

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